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Bob Poole

Hi, I'm Bob Poole, author, sales coach and consultant.

Bob Poole lives his life following a path with heart. He is an author, father, husband, teacher and student. He is the author of two books, “Listen First – Sell Later” and “Six-Dozen Doughnuts – Put More Money in Your Pocket While Delighting Your Customers.”  He also coaches and consults with individuals and companies who are looking for someone with an extraordinary track record in sales to work with them. Unlike many consultants who talk a good game, Bob’s many years of experience have taken him taken him from selling door-to-door to Wall Street.  He's a heck of a nice guy, sincerely warm-hearted, and fun to work with. He lives in Perkasie, PA with his wife Joann, two dogs, and three cats, and more friendly good nature than you can shake a stick at! You can find him at 

Bob Poole's Background

Bob Poole's Experience

CEO at The Poole Consulting Group

January 2001 - Present | Perkasie, PA

Sales Coaching and Consulting.

CEO at Professional Sales Solutions

1990 - 1997

Sales and Marketing Consulting. Sales Training.

CEO at PSS Tapestry

1990 - 1997

Software development of an integrated information management system.

Bob Poole's Interests & Activities

Sales, music, wine, flying, photography, video creation and editing, cooking, reading, writing, and the occasional arithmetic.

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